Licensed esthetician. positive thinker. replenishment expert.

In a world driven by mega this and super fast that, it is a true pleasure to make one of your priorities a small business driven by unfailing consistency and customer service excellence. Welcome to Skinovation studios, where tailored experiences by Sandra Huseby are the norm.

Every passionate professional has had a lightbulb moment that changed the trajectory of their work life, or in my case, my all encompassing career. When I discovered the world of esthetics, and the endless opportunities that exist within it, I knew I had arrived.

“Self renewal is critical to keeping excess stress at bay. A clear head and self care
are no small matters. Because I know first hand that taking time to reset the stress meter is imperative, I encourage all of my clients to make themselves a priority on their to-do list.”

I knew the moment I delved into esthetics that a perfect match had been made. This industry is about communication and education but it’s also about touch – I love to pamper my clients no matter what treatment they’ve scheduled. Positive relationships, both personal and professional are so important, but little did I know that the connections I’ve made and services I provide would in turn be true luxury for me personally.

My clients, and even strangers I meet as I move through a day off, love to know what my best skincare advice is. Two of my favorite recommendations are regular microdermabrasion sessions with yours truly and a great age fighting sunscreen, but I have to add that genuine comradery and spreading a little extra love wherever you go is guaranteed to make you lookand feel better.

Whether you’re a well loved current Skinovation client or a soon to be pampered new guest, I look forward to welcoming you soon for phenomenal treatment, inside and out. See you soon!